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Delves into the Atlantic Museum

The Atlantic Museum is a treasure worth enjoying south of Lanzarote. located 12 meters depth, it can be found 300 sculptures by Jason DeCaires Taylor. It covers an area of 2.500 square meters where divers can admire the works of this British artist.

This is the first underwater museum in Europe, and their parts, the artist uses only materials that respect the environment, as well as it is a worthy artistic work to visit, The purpose of the project is to preserve the marine ecosystem, by creating a natural reef.

works that pay homage to day can be a day of Lanzarote in parts, because the artist has taken as a template to locals. But there is also room to global problems, as in the case of parts that refer to the problem of immigration and refugees.

Soaking in this museum worth, or there is no doubt. It is a wonderful fusion of art, with nature and the sea.

It is located in an area of ​​the island where the snorkeling experience is always rewarding, in the Bay of Coloradas, so in addition to seeing the works, you can also see the rich marine life that floods the living area.

If you want to visit the Atlantic Museum, you just have to contact us. We have accreditation that certifies us to accompany you and guide you in experience. Do not miss it!

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